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Fine Art Destinations:

  • Lagerquist Gallery
      The Lagerquist Gallery is one of the most prestigious galleries and fine art destinations of the greater Atlanta metro area nestled in the heart of the Buckhead district.  Established in 1971, the Lagerquist Gallery is Atlanta's oldest gallery dealing in original fine art.
  • M Gallery of Fine Art, SE
    • The M Gallery of Fine Art, S. E. was sold in 2013 to the Principle Gallery and is now operating under the Principle name. No other information is available at this writing.  
  • Northlight Gallery
    • Nestled in the heart of Kennebunkport, The Northlight Gallery is an art destination for international travelers as well a notable national personalities. The Northlight Gallery is a seasonal gallery so be sure to note the opening schedule and dates.
  • Weatherburn Gallery
    • The Weatherburn Gallery Naples Florida location unfortunately is closed , though the Weatherburn Gallery website remains active. For many years the Weatherburn Gallery was located in the fine art destinations of Naples, Florida. The City of Naples, home to nearly 100 fine art galleries, is also considered by many to be the nations premiere art destination for both American and European art collectors rivaling New York City and Taos for this honor.
  • Fredericksburg Good Art Company
    • The Fredericksburg Good Art Company is a prestigious member of a select group of fine art galleries making Fredericksburg the fine arts destination of the Southwest.  The city of Fredericksburg, nestled in the Texas Hill Country, is home to several nationally known fine art galleries including the Fredericksburg Good Art Company, Whistle Pick, and Insight galleries of fine art.   Fine art collectors from around the world come to Fredericksburg to see and buy some of the best fine art available today created by nationally and internationally renowned fine art artists.


Local and National Fine Art Artist's Organizations:

    • The Art League of Daytona Beach Florida hosts workshops and instructional events by featured State of Florida and nationally known artist including Deborah Elmquist's popular but demanding workshops on the traditional representational style of oil painting. It is through her work with the Art League of Daytona Beach that Deborah "gives back" to her community that has long supported her personally and her art work.
  • Artists' Workshop
    • The Artists' Workshop, Inc. of New Smyrna Beach Florida hosts workshops and instructional events by featured State of Florida and nationally known artist. Chartered in 1958 with "the purpose of this organization shall be to foster and encourage art and its appreciation, to create friendly and sympathetic relations in club and community, promoting and exchanging ideas among members, and to further opportunities for participation in classes and show."
  • The Hub on Canal
    • The Hub on Canal began with a desire for a centrally-located cultural gathering spot that might bring different groups together with art and artists at the core. Dovetailing with that purpose was the growing need for local artists to have a place to work and sell their art. These intersecting goals coalesced and resulted in two years of planning that included a feasibility study; input from public, private and government entities; a business plan; and financial investment from a cross-section of the population.
    • Organized by artist for artist the National Association of Independent Artist (NAIA) was created to improve the quality of outdoor art events as experienced by the artist themselves and the art show attendee.
  • Oil Painters of
    • The Oil Painters of America (OPA) is the most prestigious fine arts artist organizations of the nation.  Clearly, OPA member artist represent the best of what the United States of America has to offer in terms of personal creativity, art quality, and artist professionalism in the nation today.
  • The American Society of Portrait
    • The American Society of Portrait Artists (ASOPA) is the largest portrait society in the world today.  Established in 1987, the ASOPA is a none profit organization with patrons in all 50 U.S. states as well as 34 countries.
  • The Portrait Society of
    • The Portrait Society of America (PSA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering and enhancing the practice, aesthetics, and application of traditional fine art portraiture.
    • The National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society (NOAPS) is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to and focusing on the emerging artist rather than the already well established and well known artist.

Artists' Information:

For The Thinking Artist:


Artists Traditional Oil Paint

Traditional Artist's Paint Mediums, Reins, and Varnishes

        Makers of Historical and Traditional Amber Resins and Resin-Based Varnishes and Paint Mediums
    Hand made Maroger,  Black-Oil, Mastic Varnish
        Custom made Maroger, gels and waxes, Mastic Varnish


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